If you can imagine it…
I can create it !

Where to start ?

Let me guide you and explain the process step by step.

First, you need to choose the format of your website. Who will be visiting your site ? What will be the goal ? Here is a sample of the possibilities:


A one-page website

A multi page web site

Website make-over

An e-commerce website

The perfect option to present your company and your activities.
You have a lot of information to share ? So this option, where the content is spread on several pages, is ideal for you.
Your site needs a facelift ? Whether in terms of content, visuals or navigation, I reorganize your site and modernize it completely so that it is up to date and ready to shine again !
You've got products to sell ? Let's create your online store and develop your business with ease!
  • A one-page website
  • A multi page web site
  • Website make-over
  • An e-commerce website

What would be the best option for my business ?

Tell me about your project and receive a free quote without any obligation !

Your budget

The price for designing a website can vary greatly depending on the needs of your project and the designer. Each project is unique and therefore requires more or less intensive time and effort.

I do not have fixed rates for a website. All depends on your needs, the scope of your project and your means.

What you need to know: There is a solution for every budget, just tell me about it!

« If you can't do great things, do small things in a great way. »

- Napoleon Hill -


Domain name

Your website will need an address, the URL: a domain name that you will need to purchase.

I advise you to think carefully because the choice of domain name will determine the future you give to your website. Choose a name simple to write and easy to remember.


Once you have purchased your domain, you will need a host, a server. The server will store all the files on your website and send them to display your website if someone types in your domain name. Opt for a reliable web host.



Before starting the design process, it is advisable to have the rough content ready, even if it is approximate. It does not have to be perfect for the moment!

You can improve and develop it as we design your website.


The design process

The creative brief

Tell me about your project, your ideas, your vision and wildest dreams!  I need to understand and identify your goals, your wishes. For this I have on online creative brief for you to fill out. Easy !  This will allow us to set up the project framework quickly and move in the right direction.


It’s time to unleash the creative spirit! I will propose several models, color palettes and ideas so that we can choose together the design that suits you perfectly and that we will fine tune along the process.


When we create a website, this is where the magic happens! Once all the elements are collected and all the questions resolved, we can bring your project really to life !

During the process you’ll get access to my server so you can follow the progress in real-time and give instant feedback.

Test & launching

Once the development is complete, I will test the performance of your site, the links, apply the latest corrections.
Everything is OK ?

Congratulations, your website is ready to go online!

Graphic design

Logo design

Your logo is essential for the visual identity of your business, it’s your only chance to make a good first impression!  It must represent you, your company and your values. It’s the starting point of your graphic charter and it’s  therefore important to start any visual overhaul by the logo. 

Web banners

We all know it..you must also be present on social media and preferably stand out of the crowd! I design your professional banners and web visuals to boost the visibility of your business…with style !

Print design

Business cards, flyers, leaflets, banners, … I create all your marketing materials for a complete multi-channel communication and a professional appearance.. any time, everywhere !